Six Sigma Films Announces "Online Premiere Of Movies"

Six Sigma Films is one stop destination for making money from your movies, short or long. Premiere your feature film or celebrity short film on our channel to make additional revenues, get online Buzz and chat live with the viewers of your movie during the premiere of movie.

1. This movie premiere will be like theatre premieres. Viewers can watch and experience a new movie together. A countdown will appear during the first 2 minutes of the premiere. When the countdown has finished, viewers watch the video together in real time. You and your audience can interact in comments, live chat and Super Chat.

2. After the premiere is over, movie will remain available on our channel for more viewers to continue watching it.

3. Once a premiere has been scheduled, a shareable and public premiere page is created. This page shows the movie details, description and poster. The movie will eventually be premiered on this link. Viewers can start interacting through Comments and Live Chat before and continue during the premiere.

4. A tune-in notification is sent around 30 minutes before the start of a premiere to viewers. A second notification is sent at the start of the movie, letting viewers know that the premiere is starting.

5. Buzz for movie will be created by sharing the premiere page URL in Community posts and via other social networks.

6. Up to 50% Revenue sharing from YouTube earnings. (Terms to be discussed if movie is selected)

Six Sigma Films is the Top producer & distributor of Short films & Indie films. Our channel has been ranked amongst Top YouTube Channels Worldwide with over 100 million views and counting. Six Sigma Films are the pioneers in Film Finance in India & have launched India's Biggest Platform For Film Funding, They are also organizers of Film Finance Conference and Awards (COFFI).


Eligibility Criteria:
1. Movie Distribution rights for YouTube have not been given to any third party or platform
2. Movies should be complete.
3. Short film need to have known actors or director.

How To Contact Us:
1. Mail us the film details and link to the film/trailer OR mail through Google drive.
2. Provide us your contact numbers including official address
3. Our Email ID -

Important Note:
1. We are not into buying films & neither we are going to provide financial assistance to complete the film. This offer is only for completed films.
2. This is not an offer for theatrical release of films
3. Movies need to have CBFC certification. It is however not required for short films
4. Only mails with contact numbers will be considered or responded.

Selection Prodecure: Six Sigma Films will contact after films are taken into consideration. We will need at least 7 working days to revert back on status of your request.

$$$ OUR YOUTUBE DISTRIBUTION: We will showcase your film on our YouTube channel & share revenue with you. We have 800 plus short films, documentaries & videos, 100 million+ views and counting. Talented filmmakers who use our platform to showcase their short films & Web series gets a priority to work with senior filmmakers in our various projects including the new initiative of producing original video content. We are the most sought after channel for those who want to make it big in Film & TV Industry. We invite all the budding & talented filmmakers to join hands with us and get noticed by the right people. Mail links to your videos along with your contact numbers to - coffishorts@ Read More
ATTENTION- OTT, IPTV, DBS, VOD, PPV & Other Platforms: If you are interested in any film on our YouTube channel or unreleased feature films, you need to contact us directly at Six Sigma Films is Top producer & distributor of short films, documentaries, videos, independent films. .


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