Attention Filmmakers! Now Make Money From Your Unreleased Feature Films, Short Films, Documentaries

Six Sigma Films is now providing new opportunities to Indie Filmmakers to make money from their unreleased Feature Films, Short Films & Documentaries that are not available online. Yes, your movies, short or long can reach viewers like you always wanted.

Revenue Streams:
1. Screening in select theatres across India
2. OTT platforms
4. VOD & PPV
5. Mobile Distribution
6. Basic Cable, Pay Cable
& More...

You will be eligible for up to 50% of the revenue generated by the film through various platforms.


Eligibility Criteria:
1. Films should be produced after 2010*.
2. It should be complete for release.
3. Distribution rights have not been given to any third party or platform
4. It is not available online**.

*Exemption on Year of production can be given on merit of the film.
** If film is online on personal channel & rights not given to third party platforms than can be considered

How To Contact Us
1. Mail us the story, cast/crew, posters and trailer of the film OR you can provide us with the private link to the film.
2. Provide us your contact numbers including official address along with work profile.
3. Our Email ID -

Important Note: 1. We are not into buying films & neither we are going to provide financial assistance to complete the film. This offer is only for completed films.
2. This is not an offer for theatrical release of films
3. Films with CBFC certification will only be eligible for Theatre screenings.
4. Every mail should incorporate details as provided under "How To Contact Us". Incomplete mails will not be considered or responded.

Selection Prodecure: Six Sigma Films will contact only those people whose films are taken into consideration. We will not entertain any queries during the selection process. If you do not hear from us in 90 days, please understand that it means your film has not been accepted by us.

$$$ YOUTUBE DISTRIBUTION: If you also want to showcase your film on our YouTube channel, we will be glad to discuss possibility of distribution and promotion. Talented filmmakers who use our platform to showcase their short films & Web series gets a priority to work with senior filmmakers in our various projects including the new initiative of producing original video content. We are the most sought after channel for those who want to make it big in Film & TV Industry. We invite all the budding & talented filmmakers to join hands with us and get noticed by the right people. Mail links to your videos along with your contact numbers to - coffishorts@ Read More

We are ranked amongst the top producers & distributors of short films, videos, independent films online in India. We promote & distribute short films & videos on a large scale. We have 700 plus short films, documentaries & videos, near 65 million views and counting. We are the top organizer of Film Conferences/Awards & Festivals. We have conceptualized and organized first ever film finance conference & awards in India (COFFI). We have successfully organized more than 10 short film festivals. Six Sigma Films has worked closely with the major industry associations, corporates & premier educational institutes.
ATTENTION- OTT, IPTV, DBS, VOD, PPV & Other Platforms: If you are interested in any film on our YouTube channel or unreleased feature films, you need to contact us directly at Six Sigma Films is Top producer & distributor of short films, documentaries, videos, independent films. .


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Fastest growing "Short Films YouTube channel" from India

Our YouTube Channel has short films, Documentaries, Videos under all the genres from India across the globe.


Promotion & Distribution of Shorts

We are the most sought after channel for those who want to make it big in Film & TV Industry. Get your short film or documentary showcased to senior industry professionals & in the large social media network. Talented filmmakers who use our platform to showcase their short films & videos will be given a priority to work with senior filmmakers in our various projects. Contact us at coffishorts@

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Young Filmmakers Cell (YFC)

YFC is a platform to mentor, guide & help talented young filmmakers .

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Short Films Group

We have one of the largest Facebook Group for "Short Films & Documentaries" with large community of Independent Filmmakers worldwide. Network, Connect, Collaborate & watch popular & award winning movies & also get filmmaking tips.

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