Six Sigma Films Forays Into Original Video Content

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Six Sigma Films, a film production house has decided to focus on creating original video content for web. It plans to become a major digital entertainment company with production & distribution of original content.

According to Mr. Anurag Khanna, CMD, Six Sigma Films & Banknet Group, "The reach of video content has increased multifold with the digital revolution. Further you don't need to depend on studios or distributors to release the content. We already have a large social media network in addition to a popular YouTube channel. All our content is distributed through social media like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google plus, Instagram and more for easy viewership. With arrival of platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime and rapid growth in mobile entertainment apps & OTT Industry, the possibilities are endless."

Original video content will include Short Films, Web Series, Kids content etc. We target to include genres such as drama, comedy, psychological thrillers, biopics, period/action, mythological/fantasy, sports dramas, and political satire. We will be creating content in six languages including English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi and Bengali. Objective is to create compelling, unique & quality content and deliver it directly to the audiences online.

We are ranked amongst the top producers & distributors of short films, videos, independent films online in India. We promote & distribute short films & videos on a large scale. We have 700 plus short films, documentaries & videos, 75 million+ views and counting. We are the top organizer of Film Conferences/Awards & Festivals. We have conceptualized and organized first ever film finance conference & awards in India (COFFI). We have successfully organized more than 10 short film festivals. Six Sigma Films has worked closely with the major industry associations, corporates & premier educational institutes.

Our journey has just started. We invite senior professionals, filmmakers, strategic partners & investors to join hands with us in this major initiative to bring the best digital content. Contact us on with your work profile to take it forward.

Talented filmmakers who use our platform to showcase their short films & videos will be given a priority to work with senior filmmakers in our various projects including the new initiative of producing original video content. We are the most sought after channel for those who want to make it big in Film & TV Industry. We invite all the budding & talented filmmakers to join hands with us and get noticed by the right people. If you want to promote or distribute your Short Film or Video, mail links to your videos along with your contact numbers to - coffishorts@ Read More
CELEBRITY MANAGEMENT: Six Sigma Films is expanding it's Celebrity Management services. "Six Sigma Celebrities" do not bind anyone with exclusivity and focuses on creating an image for celebs based on their core strengths. It assists in identifying opportunities for work in films, digital, events, brand endorsements & advertisement etc. If you are an upcoming or established actor or director, feel free to contact at
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