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Welcome to 'Talent Case', which is a platform designed to support upcoming talent in the fields of acting, filmmaking, local arts, and content creation. To gain access to our services, you must become a member of our exclusive Inner Circle. To Join now Click Here

As a member, you will have the opportunity to publish your showreels, audition videos, short and long videos, and short films on our YouTube Channel and Community. We will promote your posts on our extensive social media network including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Additionally, we provide personalized answers to queries related to filmmaking, auditions, and film careers. Selected talents will receive further support and guidance.

For assistance, please email us at sixsigmacelebrities@gmail.com, and to join us, click on the "JOIN" button on our YouTube channel at YouTube.com/sixsigmafilms

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  • We are the largest producer & distributor of Short Films
  • We have a catalog of 1200 short films, documentaries & videos.
  • Videos are the most effective in capturing the audience’s attention
  • Short films succeed in conveying the message to customers in an entertaining and engaging way.


For production queries mail to - sixsigmafilms@gmail.com
For Distribution queries mail to coffishorts@gmail.com


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