Har Ghar Mein Ho Khata- A Social Awareness (CSR) Film

CSR SHORT FILMS: We provide a great opportunity to corporates to identify social issues that need to be amplified through the power of films. We collaborate with corporates to make quality films with social messages that are for the good of society. Short Films can be a powerful educational tool, especially for children with disabilities and from deprived backgrounds. Films can be great leveller for audience from different economical, culture background. Even people with severe learning difficulties and disabilities can often relate to films.Contact us at coffishorts@gmail.com

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the continuing commitment by business to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of the local community and society at large. CSR is all about building an image in the public by a giving back attitude.

Banknet Group & Six Sigma Films has produced a social awareness short film (CSR Film) on Financial Inclusion “Har Ghar Mein Ho Khata” (Every Household needs to have a Bank Account) to encourage people from villages to open accounts with banks.

It is a musical short film in backdrop of a village choupal and an Antakshari. Banknet Group has taken this financial inclusion initiative with a vision to inform, & educate the rural masses about banking facilities, loans in an entertaining way. This film is also aimed towards promoting the habit of savings.

Visual medium has always been the most effective when it comes to capturing the audience’s attention. This initiative is in line with the major financial inclusion campaign of Reserve Bank of India & Government of India. It is also in line with RBI’s broad goal of obliterating money lenders from the rural areas & positioning bank as the main money lending institution.

You can watch “Har Ghar Mein Ho Khata” Film by - Clicking here

We as a company lead from ideation to production of the CSR activities on the 360 degree level. We aim to assist the industry in their Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives by coming up with relevant TVCs, short films, theatre shows & events

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